The Great thing about social media is being able to share art and photographs with not only friends and family but to also share them with the world.

Social media had been able to bring us together with people from across the globe. Instagram is one of the major players in contributing to spreading that beauty, see for yourself with 10 inspiring photographers to follow on Instagram.

Michael Christopher Brown:

Michael Christopher Brown is a photo journalist that works for National Geographic for various news reports. He has been to many places such as, the Congo, China, and Libya to name a few. Michael’s imagery and talent really tell the story of the places he reports on. The culture, and values, the beauty and the struggles can all be seen in his work.

Daniel Kordan:

With 243K followers Daniel Kordan has taken Instagram by storm with his breath-taking landscape photos. Impressively enough the landscape photo pieces of art come from various places such as Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Italy as well as Norway. If you are generally in love with Nature this is the man to follow.

Darryl Jones:

A very humorous photographer from South Africa who is known for taking entertaining shots of toys and other household objects and add a little comical caption. If you are looking for a more humorous side of photography, check out his page.

Gary Arndt:

Gary Arndt has gained his award-winning reputation be traveling to over 110 countries, and 7 continents. Taking pictures of cultural influences and landscape he can make you feel like you are at that location site.

Kevin Russ:

Kevin Russ is a professional photographer who takes a unique spin on photos of the American West, he takes these amazing pictures with his iPhone, granting him the nickname “iPhone’s Ansel Adams.”

Mark Hunter:

Another very humorous photographer here is Mark Hunter. With the help of his trusty Legos Hunter forms interesting scenes of different daily situations. Sometimes when he gets his imagination rolling, he spices up the situations with a little fun.

Jane Samuels:

If you like the sight of old abandoned then Jane Samuels is where to look. Jane finds and captures beauty in different abandoned structures. With her photographer skills, she opens a whole new aspect on hatred and neglect on these places. With these she raises awareness of the past of unseen places

Theron Humphrey:

Don’t you just love getting on different social media sites and seeing pictures of cute animals? If you jumped answering yes well then, now you know where to turn, Theron Humphrey. Not only does he post cute lovable pictures of his dog Maddie, but he is also the big winner of National Geographic’s Traveler of the Year.

Simone Bramante:

If you are into to the more of the setting side of photography Simone has got you covered. With his ability to not only capture the beauty he also catches the story behind the scenery. He often claims to call himself a story teller before he claims to be a photographer.

Roman Palchenkov:

This photographer can find the beauty in structures and in his heritage and culture. Roman Palchenkov is co-founder of Freezelight and has amazing stories to share with the world through his beautiful pieces.